Healthy Drinking

In a world obsessed with food, beverages typically take a backseat. But seniors would be wise to make sure that their food diets aren’t being hindered by what they’re drinking.

The Downsides of Sugary Drinking

No matter if you call it soda or pop, these carbonated sugary beverages that have become increasingly popular in the last century can be a nice treat. Unfortunately, most people don’t reserve them just as a treat every once in a while. More and more people in America drink more soda than they drink any other beverage, including water. In fact, the average American drinks a total of 44 gallons of soda every year.

People that drink soda on a daily or semi-daily basis have an increased chance of being unhealthily obese, and this is even more worrisome for those that are seniors. Obese seniors can have a higher chance of falling, developing diabetes, heart problems, and more. Furthermore, those with existing heart problems are taking unnecessary chances with the extra intake of caffeine and sugar.

There are many different reasons to give up soda, or at least limit it to special occasions. Seniors that do not drink soda have been shown to be healthier all-around than those that consume soda on a regular basis. Also, people that think diet is any better than regular may be mistaken. Numerous studies have shown that in some instances, diet soda can actually be worse. The reason? While they lack sugar, they make up for it in harmful, poorly regulated and studied chemicals. These chemicals are made to taste sweet, without the sugar, but the studies on drinking them regularly are not widely known. The studies that do exist have shown to find these sugar-alternatives to be worse for you than just plain old sugar.


Those wondering what the best alternative to soda is should look no further than water. Yes, boring and plain water. It is truly the best thing you can drink. Staying hydrated is the best thing you can do for your body. It allows for clearer thinking, better digestion, more regulated blood sugar and heart rate/pressure, and more.

However, most people don’t want to just drink water. So what are some other alternatives to soda? For starters, tea and coffee. If you have caffeine sensitivity, or heart issues, talk to you doctor about drinking coffee and tea. Herbal tea, decaf tea, and decaf coffee may be some good alternatives if this is the situation for you. Plain, black coffee and plain tea contain numerous antioxidants that can add other health benefits while supplying you with a change from just water. However, if you’re opting for a large caramel latte with extra drizzle, or something like that, chances are you’re still ingesting a lot of sugar, so be weary.

Another good idea for a soda alternative is homemade lemonade. Premade lemonade likely contains just as much, if not more sugar than soda, so stick to making it yourself. Juice several lemons, add triple the amount of water as lemon juice, or more to taste, add ice, and serve. If you must add sugar because the tartness is too much, add it sparingly. A little goes a long way. The citric acid in lemons is great for getting your vitamin C, as well as they contain numerous other vitamins and minerals.

If you’re looking for something that will also help with improving the nutrition you lack from eating, like insufficient vitamins and minerals, consider nutritional supplement drinks. Seniors especially need a more regulated vitamin and mineral regiment to maintain their health. Nutritional supplements can provide a drink that’s rich in protein, essential fats, vitamins, minerals, and a lot of them can taste good, too. Of course, everything noted above should be ingested in moderation and preferably with a doctor’s approval.


Having a soda every once in a while can be a treat, but drinking it every day can be quite harmful. Try switching to something that is better at providing hydration or supplemental nutrition. Seniors trying to be healthy would benefit greatly from just drinking water as their main source of beverage.

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