Assisted Living Food

Entering an assisted living community is a big decision, and there are many things to consider. One consideration a prospective resident has about assisted living pertains to what the food will be like. Food lovers know that joy and happiness reside in the taste buds, and if those itty-bitty buds aren’t happy—the rest of you won’t be happy either.

You want to be sure that the senior living community you join will have the food options you’re used to and crave. Ambience and plenty of choices make Bonaventure Senior Living the destination for fresh foods, proper nutrition, and a truly delightful dining experience.

Tasty, nutritious food goes hand in hand with today’s trend toward active, healthier living. Our friendly kitchen staff is on hand to provide that kind of dining - or more indulgent options if that's what you prefer - in settings that may remind you of your favorite fine restaurant, burger-bar, or pancake house. (There’s even a well-stocked soda machine.)

High-quality dining service should never be ignored at luxury assisted living communities because older adults love having dining options just like everyone else.


Dining Perfected™ : Dining on a Different Level

Our kitchens offer up to 12 menu items for every meal, every day, that are fresh and chef-prepared. We offer 7am to 7pm dining with our “Always Available” menu. From café-casual settings to private areas for family dining and other social gatherings and other special occasions, you’ll always have the best seat in the house. But why take our word for it? Feel free to stop by at any time to have a taste for yourself…and discover how delicious Dining Perfected can be.

Options for Every Appetite

Between specials of the day and specials of the week — including a range of ethnic and regional recipes — there’s a dish to please every palate. So try something new in our senior living dining room or stick with your favorites from our 7am to 7pm “Always Available” menu. It’s your choice!

Why You’ll Love the Food Service at Bonaventure

Whether you are a part of our memory care community, assisted living community, or independent living community, you want meal service that suits your food preferences and provides good nutrition for your body. A healthy diet can include great food that pleases your taste buds when it’s prepared by our culinary professionals. Here are a few more reasons to love the senior living dining experience at Bonaventure:

  • A beautiful dining room where you can enjoy meal times with friends and family members.
  • The fine dining experience brought to you by a culinary team who understands the dining needs of an elderly community.
  • A dining service that can take food allergies into consideration.
  • The quality of food you would find in an establishment outside of a senior housing community.
  • New foods each day as part of our anytime favorites, daily specials, and weekly specials.
  • The atmosphere of a fine dining venue, the comfort of home, and the staff training to meet special dietary needs and resident preferences.
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    Fresh and Local Taste the Best

    We know you can taste the difference when food is fresh, so we prepare our made-from-scratch meals with wholesome ingredients — many of them locally grown — that often have never seen the inside of a freezer. Bon appétit at Bonaventure Senior Living, the luxury retirement communities that have Dining Perfected™!