The Benefits of Branching Out

Step Out of Your Normal Routine

Humans are creatures of routine and habit. Generally, we awake at the same time, eat the same types of foods, do the same types of things, and the older we get, the more these habits and routines become set in stone. While we may occasionally branch out here and there, actually taking a step out of your normal routines and habits can have some really good side effects.

The Obvious

The first benefit to branching out is quite obvious. Well, you’re branching out, trying new things, experiencing a part of life you may have never experienced before. Isn’t that what it’s all about?  If you’ve been living the same way, day after day, year after year, then maybe it’s time for a little splash of something new to help mix things up.

Build Brain Connections

Numerous studies have been done that show that the more new things and challenging things you throw at your brain the better the brain becomes. By doing something new your brain builds a new pathway, or brain reserve. These reserves have been shown to help stave off dementia and other cognitive impairments. So, in essence, trying and learning new things is actually a preventative measure.

Change Your Life

Yes, that’s right. You could change your life. For example: Let’s say you live in either independent living or assisted living at a Bonaventure Senior Living community. Normally you like to watch TV in your room, come down for three delicious meals, and maybe play a game of bingo once a week. Now, let’s say you notice that your senior living community is having an event where you get to learn how to paint. At first you’re reluctant, but you decide to branch out and try something new. It’s just painting, what could go wrong, right? Well, you sit down and feel the smoothness of the paint and the coarseness of the canvas. Your hands move fluidly like you’ve been doing it for years. Before you know it, you’ve painted something beautiful. You’re in awe. Now it’s all you want to do. You gather supplies, paint stunning works of art, and love every minute of it. All because you decided to branch out.

What’s Next?

So, now you’re ready to broaden your horizons and try some new things. But, you’re coming up blank. What should you try? What kinds of things can be out there that you would want to experience? To put simply, a lot. Below we’ll detail a few things that would be beneficial to experience and that may make branching out a little easier.


This one is simple. Trying new foods has to be one of the easiest ways to try new things. It can open a huge door of culinary delights you may never knew existed. You know what you like and dislike, but how can you know whether or not you like something that you’ve never tried? Ever had Thai food? Sushi? A French Macaroon? There’s a world of smells, tastes, and wonderful foods out there if you just try branching out a bit. Visit an ethnic restaurant, take a stroll down the foreign cuisine aisle in the grocery store, or sample something different on the Bonaventure Senior Living independent living or assisted living Dining Perfected menu. There are upwards of 16 different menu items daily, including daily, weekly, and monthly specials. Try something new! If you try something and you end up not liking it, don’t give up, there’s so much to try that you’re bound to find something you like.

Find a (New) Hobby

Do you have a hobby? If so, great! But, you should try another one and see what it’s like. If you don’t have a hobby then this is the perfect time for branching out and acquiring one. There’s a lot to be said about the mental benefits of learning an instrument. Learning an instrument can do wonders for the brain. When you learn an instrument you have to coordinate numerous senses to work together: sight, touch, sound, and sometimes even more. The brain has to assemble all this information. Once you actually start to learn how to play an instrument, like a guitar or piano, you’ll find that you become more relaxed, reducing blood pressure. But learning an instrument isn’t the only hobby you can try. Think of things you like. If you have a fascination with shiny rocks, try collecting rocks. Learn all about the different types of rocks, where they come from, how they formed, etc. Then go out and buy some, displaying them in such a way that pleases you. Or, take a tip from above and learn to paint. Art is subjective, so whatever you paint can be considered art. If you want realism, try learning how to paint landscapes, if you’re more into surreal modernistic art, then just dive right in and create something amazing.

Branching Out Conclusion

Branching out is one of the most human things to do, despite the other being our need for routine and habit. Doing something new, however big or small, can truly help you feel good, experience a new side of life, and, quite possibly, help stave of degenerative mind diseases like dementia. So get out there and try something new, branch out, and be adventurous.

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