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Alzheimer’s disease is a chronic neurodegenerative disease that affects brain cell connections and the cells themselves. The condition typically starts slowly and will worsen as time passes. The brain cells and the connections will begin to degenerate and die, leading to the destruction of mental functions and memory. This loss can cause extreme confusion, agitation, and can cause immeasurable stress on the person afflicted, and consequently, those that care for them.

Fortunately, there’s promising news for the future. Scientists have been working around the clock both studying and attempting to treat or cure Alzheimer’s disease. Huge strides are being made every day, bringing us closer to some sort of treatment or cure.

New Drug Treatment Shows Promise

A new drug treatment that was recently unveiled involved 856 patients with early Alzheimer’s. The medication they’re developing showed that the drug slowed the progression of the disease by 30%. While the findings have yet to be peer-reviewed or replicated by other researchers, this progress shows that’s there’s hope in the realm of Alzheimer’s research.

Understanding Alzheimer’s Disease

One of the key things we must know before we can cure or treat the disease is a better understanding of the disease itself. Numerous studies are happening around the planet at any given time, and one such study has shown a surprising result. Researchers at the Alzheimer’s Association have discovered that motherhood could affect the risk of Alzheimer’s in women. Basically, women that have had three or more children were less likely to develop the disease. The risk increased the less children women had. Researchers aren’t exactly sure why this is the case, but they think it may have to do with women having to multitask with more children, building up their brain reserves. These reserves are extra reservoirs of brain function that have been shown to stiffen the symptoms of Alzheimer’s. They also think that the hormones that are introduced when pregnant could play a role, but again, are not sure. The study simply shows a correlation. Research like this provides an insight to the disease that can allow further research into how the disease works and what can be done to combat it effectively.


People that exercise are less likely to develop Alzheimer’s. Even more promising than that, the fittest people, those who exercise regularly, are as much as 90% less likely to develop the disease. While the study does not show the correlation between exercise and Alzheimer’s, the findings add to a large body of research that prove exercise can preserve brain cells, prevent Alzheimer’s, or at least delay it.

Eating Better

Eating a good, varied diet has been shown to help with a number of things that can make you healthier and live longer, but some research suggests that certain diets can, in fact, help prevent Alzheimer’s. Specifically, a combination of both the Mediterranean diet and the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH). These diets are focused on eating a variety of leafy greens, healthy oils (olive oil, coconut oil, etc.), fish, like salmon, and berries. While there are more options than just those listed, the idea is that food rich in vitamins and nutrients can actually provide a nutrient-rich environment for the brain, thus reducing the loss of brain connections and cells.


With a huge amount of research happening, be it new treatments, possible cures, or more information, the future of Alzheimer’s disease does look promising. While we wait for effective drugs to treat, prevent, or cure, changing your diet and exercise to live a healthy and active lifestyle is the best defense.

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