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With more and more seniors using smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets, app developers are creating very useful, simple apps that can make the lives of seniors easier.

Below you’ll find a list of innovative apps that seniors can download for either free or relatively cheap. The apps will be split into both Android phones and iOS phones. If an app is available for both, it will be noted, so make sure you read the entire description of each app. We hope that you find this list of apps for seniors not only a good read, but more so we hope that these apps will make you or your loved one’s life a little easier in the world of vast technology.


  • Skype – It’s a busy world, and sometimes getting the chance to see the faces of children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, friends, or whoever can be difficult. With distance, busy schedules, and many more factors, it’s no surprise why Skype is so popular. For those that don’t know, Skype is a video chatting app with a lot of features. Users can simply call up whoever they want and video chat with great speed and clarity. The app is free for both Android and iOS users to video chat. It also has features like instant messaging, phone calls, and more, some do require a small fee, but the video chat is absolutely free. Android | iOS
  • Voice Reading – Anyone that has ever used a smartphone, or any small gadget, can relate to how difficult it can be to sometimes read the text on the screen. The Voice Reading app takes care of that with no difficulty. This app will read emails, messages, text files, and text from internet pages. Pretty much anything that has text, Voice Reading will read it aloud. Available for Android.
  • Epicurious – If you or your loved one enjoys cooking, then Epicurious will become your best friend. This recipe app has over 30,000 recipes that can expand your culinary interests and skills. Users can not only see a huge assortment of recipes, but can also see reviews of those recipes, tips, and user-submitted photos. Browse recipes by type of cuisine, holiday, and more. This app has it all. Available for free for both Android and iOS. Android | iOS
  • Good RX – Everyone knows how expensive prescription drugs can be, so it’s important that you get the best price possible. With Good RX, it is! It’s possible to save up to 80% on your prescriptions. Sound too good to be true? The app compares your prescription with every pharmacy in your area and shows you which price is the best. It can also provide you with coupons that will work with that pharmacy and your insurance. The app is free and the savings are plentiful. Android | iOS


  • Blood Pressure Monitor – This app provides users with a single app that can track their blood pressure history, which makes relaying the information to your doctor simple and effective. It can export all you data in an easy to read format that your doctor can go over. Check your blood pressure with your personal blood pressure device, then input the information into the app and soon you’ll have data in the form of charts and graphs that will give you and your healthcare professionals a vivid picture of your blood pressure health. Available for free on iOS.
  • Old Time Radio 24 – This app is great if you’re wanting to relive the good days of listening to radio programs. Put down that television remote and gather in front of your radio player app and enjoy the sound of the 1920s to the 1970s. Over 30 different stations stream old time music and shows for your pleasure. It’s completely free for iOS users. iOS
  • Pillboxie – This is an absolute great app for those looking for a way to better manage their medications. You’re able to easily input all your medicine, how many you should take, and when you should take it. The app will give you reminders as to when it’s time for a certain medicine. There are even areas that you can input how you felt before, during, and after the medicine. That information can be quickly exported for your doctor to view. Smart. Simple. $1.99. iOS


With all the different technologies out there, we understand that it can be quite confusing. But, with a little help from some very well-designed apps, the world of tech can open up numerous possibilities. We hope you enjoyed our 7 apps for seniors list. Be well.

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With Independent Living, we want you to enjoy Simplified Living, allowing you to have the freedom to do what makes you happy. Our Independent Living is designed to accommodate the exceptional senior lifestyle that you’ve earned. What’s even better, is that with Independent Living we offer whatever supportive services that you may need at any time you may need them. Now that’s Retirement Perfected.

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Every senior is a unique person, and our Memory Care approach is no different. We tailor our Memory Care by connecting with family members and taking time to understand each person’s specific circumstances. This includes mental, emotional, and physical health. Our Memory Care creates an honorable and professional plan to make sure that each person lives their life to the fullest. That’s the way Memory Care should be.