Your Retirement Can Be Perfect

your retirement can be perfect

You have earned your retirement. It’s a special time in your life. It’s time to relax, experience new things, and have lots of fun. It’s time to do whatever you want to do. Retirement is better at Bonaventure Senior Living. It’s that simple.

For some people, however, living in a house can make retirement more of a burden than a gift. Housework, yard work, numerous bills, lack of community and friends, and more can all make your retirement not a fun time. Thankfully, there are senior living communities like Bonaventure Senior Living. We specialize in giving you the retirement you deserve. Life on your terms. Retirement Perfected!

Let’s begin with some facts: Did you know that nearly one-third of all older adults live alone? That’s over 11 million seniors. That’s a huge number. As we age, things can become more difficult to do, like cooking, bathing, or getting dressed. The more difficult things are to accomplish, the bigger the chance of risking an injury, like a fall. This can be easily avoided by moving into a senior living community.

The Bonaventure Difference

We’re not like other senior living communities out there. We think that seniors are the greatest generation and deserve the best retirement possible. We don’t just provide you with a place to live, bingo, and three meals a day. We provide you with an amazingly luxurious suite, 16 Living Perfected activities a day that will inspire and delight you, and culinary delicacies that you’ll want to enjoy day after day.

A lot of our communities have amenities that other senior living communities do not. We have bowling lanes, expansive gardens, giant theaters with plush chairs, and more. Some of our newer communities, and some that are remodeled, have something extra special: a pub and café. That’s right, a pub and café. Our pub and café is gorgeously comfortable, perfect for game day, family get-togethers, or just enjoying a specialty drink.

The pub serves a special pub menu of food. Classics like mozzarella sticks, buffalo wings, hamburgers, and more. There are also beers on tap, in bottles or cans, and delicious classic and contemporary cocktails that you’ll thoroughly enjoy. The café has a menu of decadent pastries, savory breakfast sandwiches, and specialty coffees that will perk you right up. Our pub and café are an innovative amenity that you deserve in your retirement. Something simple, amazing, and perfect for any occasion.

The innovations don’t just stop within our communities, however. We take outings seriously. We don’t just go to the supermarket or to the senior center, sure we do that, too, but we take outings to another level. It may be Monday, but your retirement is special to us. So, hop on our comfortable bus and journey with us to the coast, where we’ll enjoy the scenic views, then dine at an amazing seafood restaurant, and then head over to an aquarium. Or, maybe we’ll head to a small, quaint town for a day of antique shopping, followed by lunch and coffee at a French bistro. We may then cap off the night with a performance at the local theatre. We take your retirement seriously and want you to have the best time possible.

Bonaventure Senior Living communities are built with you in mind. We care deeply about our residents and truly believe that we’re providing the best care, fun, food, fitness, activities, and outings that you and your retirement deserve.

So, why settle for anything less? Isn’t it time to live life on your terms?

What Makes a Good Retirement?

The answer is simple. Having everything you could ever need or want at your fingertips. Choices. The choice to do, eat, and go where you want and know that you’re always cared for. That’s what make a good retirement. Bonaventure Senior Living can do all that and more for you, the greatest generation. Visit Retirement Perfected today!