2019 Bonaventure Senior Gift Guide

Buying a gift for your loved one can be a difficult process. Figuring out what they want, if it’s available, and if it’s affordable can be enough to drive you mad during the holiday season. Then do that for everyone on your Christmas list and it’s enough to induce a sense of panic that can leave you confused, exhausted, and possibly filled with regret.

With our guide to senior gift-buying, we’ve taken out some of the struggle and some of the guess work that can come from shopping for your senior loved ones.

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Our 2019 Bonaventure Senior Gifts

  1. White Noise Sound Machine – $38.96 on Amazon

Taking the top of our list this year is the LectroFan High Fidelity white noise sound machine. Not only does this sound machine have a 4.4 rating, with over 6000 reviews, it’s been proven scientifically that white noise can help people sleep better. Specifically, seniors that are having trouble sleeping have been shown to benefit from a white noise machine. This sound machine is great for seniors in memory care that have Alzheimer’s or dementia. It’s also great for those enjoying their retirement living and just want a great night of sleep. It helps because the sound allows the mind to relax and not focus too much on thoughts. This specific sound machine has 20 unique, non-looping fan and white noise sounds, along with a timer.

  1. My Life Story So Far – $30.00

The gift of knowledge, be it scholarly, or in this case, historic, is one of the most thoughtful gifts one can give. When you are enjoying retirement, you may find yourself with some extra time. This is the perfect time to write your life story, so far. This gift is for seniors, but in retrospect, it’s for their loved ones, too. This simple gift will become a lasting keepsake for generations to come. It allows you to put in your entire life story via simple, easy-to-understand prompts. This is great for anyone, and would always be a welcomed keepsake.

  1. Apple iPad Air – $469.00+

Fostering connections with our loved ones, especially those living in independent living, assisted living, memory care, or otherwise, is extremely important. Staying connected in the age of technology has never been easier, and the ease of which that connection can be had, has never been more accessible. While the sticker price is quite high, the Apple iPad Air is an extremely beneficial product for seniors and worth the money. With smart-touch technology, a large screen, and adjustable font size, seniors will be able to stay connected. FaceTime allows seniors to video chat with their friends and family, no matter the distance. Apps such as Facebook or Instagram allows seniors to stay up-to-date with the happenings around them. This iPad features the latest and best technology, and is truly simple to use, even for those whose tech knowledge is subpar.

  1. Window Bird Feeder – $20.63

For the birdwatcher, this window bird feeder can bring the excitement of birdwatching right to your very own window. This 100% clear acrylic is built to last a lifetime, and features drain holes, suction cups, and hooks. Easy, simple, and non-invasive setup makes this a great choice for assisted living, retirement living, and memory care communities. Simply setup, add bird feed, and enjoy watching up close the many varieties of birds that will flock to your feeder.

  1. Kindle E-Reader – $89.99

This little device continues to excel in putting thousands of books in the palm of your hands, without the heft. The screen on this device is the real seller. Just about every tablet on the market can support eBooks, but only the Kindle has eInk, which uses electro-charged ink to display the words on the screen. This is beneficial for a couple reasons. The first, and most important, is that it won’t strain your eyes like a tablet’s screen would. Studies have shown that gazing at an LED screen for too long can put added strain to your eyes. The second benefit is battery life. The Kindle’s eInk only uses battery (assuming Wi-Fi is off) when you are turning the page of a book, or changing the screen display. This is because once the battery sends power to change the screen the ink stays put. The Kindle boasts weeks of battery life, not hours like most tablets. The Kindle can hold thousands of books, from classics to new best-sellers. The Kindle store is the biggest eBook store on the market, with millions of available books to choose from. Grab your senior loved one a Kindle for $89.99. This also include special offers, like Audible, the world’s largest collection of audiobooks.

  1. Time – Priceless

The most important gift on our list is simple: your time. The absolute best gift you can give your loved one is your time. The time you spend with them talking, cooking, eating, watching a movie, etc., is invaluable and will always be welcomed. For the most part, it costs little to no money to just be there and enjoy each other’s company.


We hope that you have found our 2019 Bonaventure Senior Gift Guide helpful and that you and your loved ones have a wonderfully Merry Christmas and a delightfully Happy New Year. Be well.