Letting go of worry

We all have days when we wonder how we’ll possibly make it through, yet here we are. Philanthropist and actress Audrey Hepburn once said, “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m Possible!’” Truly, she embodied the spirit of resilience and hope.

Starting from war-torn Holland, Hepburn not only survived the hardships of Nazi invasion, but she became one of the most famous icons in American history. During her retirement from acting, she involved herself in important world causes, becoming the goodwill ambassador for UNICEF in 1980, according to History.com.

Just like for Audrey Hepburn, perseverance and rejecting negativity will get us by each and every day. Hope isn’t just a positive emotion; it has proven to be an important psychological vehicle to success, according to Psychology Today. Hope not only involves having an optimistic outlook on the future, but it means you possess the willpower and strategies to achieve your goals.

How to have hope

Hope disregards the idea of impossibility. Not only do you have to believe you can achieve, but you must actively search for ways to secure the goal you’re reaching for. One method to embrace the power of possibility is to view obstacles as learning experiences. Just because one way didn’t work, doesn’t mean you’ve run out of options.

Remember: Hope isn’t discovered; it’s something that is built. It might take time to view hurdles as stepping stones rather than barriers. As part of your retirement lifestyle, surround yourself with people who focus on the positive side of life. Their optimism will help keep you focused on the possibilities that surround you every day. Don’t be afraid to be that source of happiness for someone else, too. Share your wisdom and inspire others to hang on to hope.

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