About Bonaventure Senior Living

At Bonaventure, you’ll find more than just beautiful, spacious suites and charming communities. You’ll find a place that feels like home and friends who feel like family. The communities we build, amenities we provide, and programs we design are all inspired by our belief that you should enjoy retirement on your terms. The culture we’ve created here is one of respect for who you are and what matters to you—along with an appreciation for your stories and accomplishments.

It’s Actually Not About Us

From our About Us page, you’ll quickly learn that it’s not actually about us. We center all we do around the health and happiness of our residents. This commitment is the inspiration behind our focus on creating an exceptional lifestyle for all of our residents. However, we know that everyone’s idea of perfection is different and changes over time. Our agility and flexibility as a team allow us to evolve as a company, make changes that are right for each location, and respond quickly to our residents’ needs and wishes.

Our Senior Living Hospitality

Our senior living communities wouldn’t feel like home without the hospitality of our nurses, caregivers, directors, and the rest of our Bonaventure team. Our staff is just as dedicated to their practice as they are helping each of our residents feel empowered to enjoy retirement on their own terms. Our team members are qualified, courteous, attentive, and friendly.

Bonaventure Senior Living Qualified Staff Members

With multiple locations throughout western United States, we take pride in the quality of our senior living team. Below are some of our prominent roles and the qualities we look for in our team members.

Senior Living Executive Director: The executive directors at our senior living communities are exceptional leaders. They encourage our teams to be experts in their profession without sacrificing the courtesy and compassion that working in an assisted living community requires. Our EDs must also have exceptional customer service skills, hospitality experience, and personnel management experience. Additional requirements for this position include:

  • An administrators license in their respective state.
  • Continuing education each year.
  • Two or more years of professional experience in geriatric and or health field.
  • Knowledge of practical application governing assisted living in their state.
  • Experience in hospitality including housekeeping, dining services, and day to day maintenance operations.
  • Not required, but Bonaventure ED’s also are CPR, First Aid, and Food Handlers Certified.

Assistant Executive Director: At Bonaventure, we look for all of the above qualities in our assistant executive director of our senior living facilities, except for the need to carry an administrators license.

Senior Living Nurse: The nurses at all of our Bonaventure locations must have a Registered Nurse (RN) Degree. Most of all, we look for our registered nurses to have the same passion for assisting seniors towards feelings of independence and joy in their retirement.

Assisted Living Director/Memory Care Director: From our assisted living directors and memory care directors, we look for strong leadership skills and those who are passionate about senior care. Other requirements that we look for include the following:

  • CPR, First Aid, and Food Handler certifications
  • Career history in caregiving and/or medication administration
  • Though these requirements differ by state: Oregon caregivers go through proper training provided by Bonaventure Senior Living, Washington caregivers must be credentialed as well as go through BSL Training, and Colorado caregivers must go through BSL provided training.

* Only communities that offer memory care have a memory care director.

Senior Living Med Techs: We look for all of the above in our Med Techs, including the passion for senior care. In Colorado, our med techs are also QMAP certified.


Our Board of Directors

Resident satisfaction has always been our measure of success. At Bonaventure, our Board of Directors are the people who live here. They’re the ones we listen to, collaborate with, and answer to. Whether you have a new suggestion or need help with something, our staff is here for you 24/7.

Contact Our Home Office

We welcome your questions and input.

Bonaventure Senior Living - Home Office
3425 Boone Road SE
Salem, Oregon 97317

(503) 566-5715

If you are interested in employment please visit our
Careers page

Resident referrals mean a lot to us …and to their favorite charity.

Bonaventure and You

We're awfully proud of “Bonaventure and You”, our annual holiday fundraising program. What makes it special is the chance to partner with residents for the purpose of giving to causes most meaningful to them. During the campaign, we donate to any qualified charity of the resident’s choice when they refer someone who decides to make this their new home. Last year we raised $250,000 for worthy causes, proving that retirement at Bonaventure can be a “perfectly" rewarding experience, in far more ways than one.

Senior and Family Causes We Support

Our passion for supporting senior and family issues goes much further than the Bonaventure doors. We’re proud to partner with organizations who recognize the importance of helping those in need regardless of age or ability. By working together, we can do a lot of good for our local communities.

  • Alzheimer’s Foundation of America
  • American Cancer Society
  • Muscular Dystrophy Association
  • Boys and Girls Club of America
  • Oregon Food Bank
  • Family Building Blocks
  • Ageless Aviation Dreams Foundation
  • Doernbecher’s Children’s Hospital
  • Marion Polk Food Share
  • Alzheimer’s Network of Oregon
  • The American Heart Association
  • The American Lung Society
  • St Jude Children's Research Hospital
  • Wounded Warrior Project
  • The Salvation Army
  • Veterans of Foreign Wars