The Bonaventure experience brings together the things residents enjoy about their current lifestyle with the freedom to sit back and relax, participate in social events, or go on exciting excursions.


Create the Home You Want

At Bonaventure, we don’t just rent you an apartment; we provide you with a home and the lifestyle you deserve. We are a family owned company that proudly provides seniors with a variety of living options. Whether you opt for privacy, or to seek new adventures with new friends, we’re here to make your next chapter as perfect as possible.


Life as You Like It

Just because you are retired, it doesn’t mean you have to slow down. At Bonaventure, retirement living means you finally get to live the way you want to. We want to make it easy to live on your terms. If you want to be involved with activities in the retirement community, we have a wide selection of classes, interest groups and much more. But if you’re looking for something more relaxing, we also have activities that accommodate that as well.

Comfort, entertainment, fitness, and technology are all at your fingertips. We’re dedicated to providing a comfortable, attractive, affordable place for you to call home, with the amenities suited to your individual lifestyle and preferences. This is just a little something we like to call Lifestyles Perfected.

A Place with Friendly Faces and Lots to Do

Bonaventure is more than just a retirement home for seniors, it is a retirement community that you can settle down in and meet new people. While you’ll be free to relax by yourself, Bonaventure provides vibrant surroundings where something is always going on. Whether it’s watching a ball game with friends, gardening, playing cards, or reading the newspaper over coffee at our café, you’ll find a variety of opportunities to be as involved as you like. At Bonaventure every day brings new activities, helping make retirement a great time in your life.

Retirement Living Perfected™ For You

If you or your loved one is looking for a retirement home that genuinely cares, Bonaventure Senior Living is the retirement community you need. With a mixture of living options, a vibrant and active community, in addition to on-site, 24/7 certified caregivers, we are sure to provide you or your loved one with the care they need. For more information about our retirement living services call us today at 503-967-8508.

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