At Bonaventure of Colorado Springs, each of our residents is unique—and so is our approach to memory care. By forming relationships with family members, our staff strives to better understand your loved one’s unique needs and preferences, including all aspects of their physical, mental, and emotional health. In doing so, we work with you to create a personalized, dignified memory care plan to ensure your loved one experiences life to the fullest while at Bonaventure.

Alzheimer's memory care

Celebrating the Past to Create a Vibrant Present
Learn More About Memory Care at Bonaventure

As we learn more about your loved one’s personal history, our staff’s mission is to incorporate those cherished memories, beloved pastimes, and valued tokens into their daily life. Whether it be flipping through family photos, recalling favorite memories, or partaking in long-time hobbies, we celebrate and honor your loved one’s past to create a vibrant present. In all that we do, our memory care facility upholds an environment that dignifies and honors your loved one’s individuality and accomplishments.

At Bonaventure of Colorado Springs, it’s our goal to prove that meaningful and life-affirming experiences can still be pursued in the comfort of a memory care facility. Our low staff-to-resident ratios and small group sizes allow us to create a lasting bond with all of our memory care residents. Not only that, but our staff members receive ongoing training and education to continue to support those who suffer from memory loss and their loved ones to the best of our ability.

Assistance Tailored Just for Your Needs

Choosing Memory Care vs. Assisted Living

When it comes time to choose a community for your loved one as they age, we want to help you find an option that best supports your loved one and your family. At Bonaventure of Colorado Springs, we offer several different options for senior living and care, including independent living, adult day care, assisted living, and memory care. When it comes to finding the perfect home for a loved one walking through the stages of Alzheimer’s or dementia, you’ll likely be deciding between assisted living and memory care.

Our assisted living community provides seniors with the exceptional benefits of a retirement community, plus additional assistance from our compassionate staff when needed. This option gives our residents the chance to enjoy as much independence as possible while still providing them with the help they need to stay safe and healthy. Our assisted living community provides services such as personal care support, medication management, and an abundance of amenities and daily activities to enjoy.

Our memory care program focuses on adapting with the needs of our residents as their memory loss progresses. Although some individuals in the early stages of memory loss may enjoy the independence offered by an assisted living program, those in later stages tend to need more support than assisted living can provide. At Bonaventure of Colorado Springs, our memory care program goes above and beyond to provide personalized care for those living with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. By connecting with you and your loved one and adapting as their condition progresses, we can truly tailor your loved one’s care program to suit their unique needs. In addition to the services and amenities provided by our assisted living program, our memory care residents also enjoy private suites designed specifically for those living with memory loss, special memory care activities, and 24-hour supervised care.

Live Life to the Fullest
With Specialized Memory Care Services

As a part of our goal to care for the mental, emotional, and psychical health of every resident in our memory care facility, Bonaventure of Colorado Springs has designed a number of activities to promote both health and engagement. From therapeutic exercises and cognitive activities to aromatherapy, our staff is continually finding unique ways to promote health and wellness for our residents.

Here are a few of the special memory care activities we provide:

  • Reminiscing therapy
  • Aromatherapy
  • Special entertainment and performances
  • Animal therapy
  • Art therapy

Continued Support for Families
With Loved Ones in Memory Care

We understand that memory loss of any loved one can be a difficult thing to walk through—that’s why we offer monthly support groups that we strongly encourage families and memory care residents to participate in together. We’re here to offer our full support by helping to remove stress where we can.