What is Retirement Perfected?

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Your Retirement Perfected

When it comes time to consider retiring, and you’re thinking about making a senior living community your home, why would you settle for the mundane? Isn’t it better to seek out a senior living community that offers a life full of possibilities? After all, you retire from work, not from life. At Bonaventure Senior Living, we do everything to make sure our residents have the perfect retirement. This is something we call Retirement Perfected.

Retirement Perfected: Life on Your Terms

Everybody is different. Each person’s idea of their own retirement is a separate vision from the next person’s. There’s no cookie-cutter idea of retirement that works for everyone. Unfortunately, it seems that a lot of other senior living communities may have missed that point.

We, on the other hand, have built our business around the idea that each individual wants a uniquely different experience in their retirement. That’s what we mean when we say “Retirement Perfected”. It’s the idea that encompasses the principles of dignity, choice, and independence. It’s our guiding force.

You have earned your retirement. We make things easy for all of our residents, so they can enjoy their well-earned retirement. We do this by having beautiful, spacious suites, exceptionally good food, a variety of activities, the best staff in the industry, and an all-around simplified life for our residents. When you couple that with the safety and security of a state-of-the-art building, convenient transportation, and the feeling of home, you don’t have to worry about anything. Because you know that Bonaventure Senior Living has it covered.

Living Perfected

Bonaventure Senior Living understands that you may have had a life full of exciting experiences, or maybe retirement is your chance to seek out and have new adventures. Whatever the situation, we have everything taken care of. Our communities have as many as 16 different activities and outings that happen every single day. One day it may be a relaxing time while enjoying some gardening, followed by good coffee and good conversation with new friends. The next day you may find yourself in a hot air balloon, or riding a steamboat down a river.

What’s even better is that all our activities and outings are scheduled as a result of direct resident input. This means that you get to add your ideas to the calendar. Not only does every community have fun activities, there are also engaging activities, with opportunities to learn and discover new things. We believe that lifelong learning is one of the many pillars of happiness. Opportunities like: computer classes, cooking demonstrations, financial planning, and health and wellness seminars are just some of the things that are possible at Bonaventure communities. This is because with the help from resident input, we have Living Perfected.

Part of Living Perfected is the idea that living well, through avenues of healthy fitness, can lead to a better quality of life. Our fitness program has been carefully crafted by professionals in the fitness industry. We know that being healthy means more than just taking medication and visiting the doctor. It also includes daily fitness for getting or staying in shape. Our fitness classes are a huge hit with residents. We have everything from low-impact exercise to strength training. The fitness program is designed with seniors in mind, and has an emphasis on physical, mental, and spiritual wellness.

Dining Perfected

Food is one of the main reasons people decide to make Bonaventure Senior Living their home. Why? Because we have Dining Perfected. Our kitchens offer up to 12 menu items for every meal, every single day. We’re not talking about 12 menu items that are boring and bland. Our meals are tasty, nutritious, and full of flavor. We offer a variety of choices, just like a restaurant. Our severs take your order the same way any restaurant would, complete with drinks, soup and/or salad, the main course, and desert.

The choices are as varied as our residents. There may be something exotic on the menu, like curried chicken served over a fluffy seasoned rice. Or maybe it’s a Tex-Mex roast pork with pineapple (Al Pastor) served with cornbread pudding. There could also be the classic French dish, beef steak Diane with parslied red potatoes. But let’s say you’re not in the mood to experiment and you’re looking for something a little more classic. Say no more! We offer our anytime favorites menu. This menu is available from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and includes various classics like our Bonaventure burger, an all-beef hot dog, deli sandwiches, grilled chicken breast, the catch of the day, and more. No matter what your culinary tastes may be, we’ve got you covered with Dining Perfected.

We have daily and weekly specials that are constantly changing and improving. Just like our Living Perfected activities, our Dining Perfected menu is based on resident feedback. We hold a monthly chef’s corner forum where residents get to voice their opinions about the food. There, residents get to offer suggestions about what they want to see on the menu in the future. Want to see a sample menu? Click HERE.

Fitness Perfected

Fitness Perfected is about staying educated about wellness and motivated to live each day to your full potential by keeping your body at its optimum health. It’s exercise and movement that caters to each person’s individual goals, preference, and abilities. Sometimes, it’s social with a group and at other times, it’s structured and highly individualized. Fitness Perfected allows each person to continue to move and participate in life in a way that they enjoy, in a safe and encouraging environment.

Bonaventure Senior Living is leading the charge in quality fitness programs, offering the latest and greatest in fitness equipment, classes, and instruction. All of our activity directors are trained by a professional, credited fitness instructor. Each program is carefully designed with seniors in mind and provides the greatest workout with minimal impact for a safe, healthy experience. Bonaventure Senior Living communities offer group class, led by trained instructors. There’s also the opportunity to work out alone at your own speed using state-of-the-art equipment. No matter how you want to get fit, Bonaventure Senior Living is here for you with our Fitness Perfected programs.


Retirement Perfected, Living Perfected, and Dining Perfected aren’t just phrases, they’re our goal. They’re something we endeavor to achieve every single day, for every single resident. In fact, 96% of our residents think we’re meeting that goal 100% of the time. We think that’s pretty good, but there’s always room to improve. What will you add to the community?

Want to see what Retirement Perfected looks like for yourself? Schedule a TOUR! Our professional, caring staff will not only show you around the community and provide you with all the answers to your questions, but they’ll also treat you to a meal. That way, you’ll see and taste for yourself why Bonaventure Senior Living is the best choice in senior living.

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